Register Now and Receive 9 Ministry Plans to Grow Your Church!

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MAY 14 - 16, 2020

Do Some-
thing Church

Register Now and Receive 9 Ministry Plans to Grow Your Church!

Join Rock Church this May at our
Do Something Church Conference in
beautiful San Diego, California
You and your leadership team will learn how to grow your outreach ministries, so that you can:
Increase your church's
reach within the community
through volunteers
Establish and strengthen
relationships with community
leaders and organizations
Become a resource
for help in the eyes
of your city leaders

The Do Something Church conference will give you the step-by-step plan to achieve all this and more.


Rock Church is one of the most successful outreach churches in America with over 140+ active ministries, run by volunteers. Register to attend today and get first pick at over 10 different ministry breakouts and off-site outreach excursions.


Over the years it’s this spirit of Doing Something that we believe has contributed to our phenomenal growth and impact throughout San Diego and the world.


According to data the average church in America has one employee per 64 attendees. At Rock Church there is one employee per every 151 attendees. By choosing to attend the Do Something Church Conference, we will show you how to turn your congregation into an outreach army, focused on impacting the Kingdom of God and growing church attendance in new and amazing ways.


If you register today you will receive nine Ministry Outreach Plans on how to launch and operate some of our most successful ministries. And at the conference you will receive even more!

Register Now and Receive 9 Ministry Plans to Grow Your Church!

Our Pastor

Pastor Miles McPherson

“For every way that someone can be lost, we want to provide a practical way for them to be found in the very place that they have ended up.” --Miles McPherson
Faith in Action

Do Something Church Ministries

Check out some of the Outreach Ministries that are currently making an imprint on our community.

Surf Ministry

Church gives back through
surf outreach program

Strip Club Shutdown

"So many people are hurting."




Prison Ministry

"What does it mean to be a Do Something Church?"




Toys for Joy

"Spreading the message of God's love while distributing toys"




9 Free Ministry
Plans and More

Register now and receive 9 unique Ministry Plan Guides to grow your church, Miles McPherson’s book Do Something:
Make Your Life Count
, and an exlusive Ministry Conference Workbook.


Who Should

  •   Senior Pastors
  •   Executive Pastors
  •   Outreach Pastors
  •   Community Leaders
  •   Evangelists
  •   Ministry Leaders
  •   Church Members
A Letter From Do Something Church Ministries

A Movement Committed to Hope

At Rock Church, we live the Do Something Church culture. We are part of a phenomenon: a church that operates within its community as a movement. Like a slow-moving wave of service, we have stepped into our calling—Jesus’ exhortation—to love our neighbor; from the mayor’s office to the dark street corner where another drug deal is going down. We see it as our responsibility, and for 19 years, by God’s blessing, we have been able to change tens of thousands of lives before they ever stepped foot within our church walls.


Thanks be to God.


Unfortunately, most churches find it difficult to be this impactful in their communities because of various reasons. That is why, through the Do Something Church model, we desire to show churches across the globe how to bless their communities in astounding ways.


Rock Church is uniquely qualified to help other churches maximize their outreach potential because we’ve reached unprecedented service hours given to the community where we exist, we are looked to by the mayor and city leadership, we have more than 140+ outreach ministries and community partners, and we create and manage events like Toys for Joy and Rock Your City beautifications. It is our goal to guide other churches in the ways, means, and benefits of the Do Something Church culture.


There’s a lot of pain out there in the world that the body of Christ could ease overnight if just a fraction of the 3.7 million churches across the globe accepted their role as first-responders to the world’s ills.


We have a worldwide message: The Church, Christ’s body, is the answer to the world’s problems.


Let’s get going. Let’s Do Something.




Conference Schedule

Night 1 of our conference at our East County Campus, which is free and open to the public will start with worship led by our Floodgate Team and Pastor Miles McPherson will be teaching what it means to be a Do Something Church. The next 2 days will include a messages by community leaders, ministry leaders, breakout sessions, and outreach ministry tours.

City Leaders

Selected city leaders will have a panel discussion about how community service is extremely important to positively impact the city. You will hear first-hand from these leaders about what types of community projects have most influenced those within their neighborhoods.

Jeff Davis

El Cajon Chief of Police

Dr. David Miyashiro

Cajon Valley Union School District Superintendent

Bill Wells

El Cajon Mayor

Summer Stephan

District Attorney San Diego County

Conference Pricing

Senior Pastor

Includes 9 ministry plans.



Includes 9 ministry plans.


GROUP RATE (5+ People)

Includes 9 ministry plans.



Includes recordings of sessions.



Includes recordings of sessions.



Includes 30 min. private coaching and recordings of sessions.


Travel & Lodging

Recommended Hotels

We have hotel rooms on hold for attendees at the following hotels while supplies last.

Note: All of these hotels are located in the Mission Valley Area. You must make reservations on or before April 16th to secure rate.






Determine how you want to get around.

  •   Feel free to consider a rental car agency that provides a free shuttle from the airport to the conference. Click HERE to view available agencies.
  •   Other transportation options: Uber and Lyft.


  •   High’s between 65°-75° and lows between 45°-55°
  •   Keep in mind the ministry fair and ministry tours will be taking place on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Get involved in your community

Spread the Gospel
through acts of service

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